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hypnosis for confidence and self esteem

Hypnotherapy for Confidence & Self-Esteem

Self-confidence is a great thing to have since it can make anyone feel in complete control of their life.  And even if things do go a bit sideways, confident people do not stumble easily and move ahead trusting their own abilities, qualities, and judgment. 

However, not everyone carries confidence equally. There are many others who have issues with their confidence and self-esteem and even the subtlest comment from anyone can bring their spirits down and put a damper on everything around. 

If you find reacting this way to other people’s words, you may know the quick shift of feelings that go through your mind and cause you to doubt yourself to no end. Perhaps you are not good at public speaking, have been subjected to a lot of criticism or are placed in situations where the standards are too high. Or it may just be that you do not feel confident about your own physical appearance. 

In fact, finding yourself in any scenario where you do not feel good about yourself can bring your confidence down. It could be something as simple as feeling intimidated by co-workers or feeling uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex. 

Placed in these high expectancy situations you may not only shy away from everyone present but may also become internally critical of yourself. Perhaps you start berating yourself or set up unrealistic expectations for everything. Maybe your only resort is to find yourself comparing to others around and coming short on many fronts.

Getting caught in this constant negative self-appraisal means you let your inner voice dictate failure to you and you become your own harshest critic. Nothing you do seems to be good enough and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to please anyone, especially yourself.

At this point, you may feel that you will never be enough of anything whether it is thin enough, smart enough, popular enough, attractive enough or even successful enough. The only thing that may seem real to you is that you have always been like this and will always be. 

If you feel trapped in this constant state of low self-confidence, it becomes very important that you learn to switch off the destructive voices of low esteem and lack of confidence. 

How hypnotherapy can help boost confidence.

Since hypnotherapy is suited to working with the subconscious mind, it can be an effective tool in improving confidence and self-esteem. During the hypnotic trance, the subconscious is more receptive to views of yourself with the help of words, images, and emotions. 

You can better start to perceive yourself accurately and positively and give yourself credit where it is due. With hypnotherapy, you can also learn to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and correct any past distortions or negative input about yourself. 

When using hypnotherapy to work on self-confidence, the results will vary based on every individual case. For instance, you may only need a few sessions to gain self-confidence but another client may need more to build up their confidence. 

However, for every client, hypnotherapy helps change these negative beliefs by reaching into the unconscious state of mind and replaces them with positive ones. In a 1998 study by Claude Ramon Fredericks, twenty-seven students were taken as subjects for hypnotherapy. At the start of the study, all suffered from negative self-esteem but after several hypnotherapy sessions, they came out more confident about themselves. 

The therapy works by addressing issues relating to low self-confidence and tries to identify the reasons for feeling this way. Having said that, therapy will only work if you are willing to change your outlook about yourself outside the hypnotic state as well. You will be expected to make positive statements about yourself and follow suggestions on how you can feel proud of your personal accomplishments. 

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence 

Some people may have a general issue with self-confidence while others may feel unconfident about specifics such as their profession, love life or a talent. The essence of hypnotherapy is to change the beliefs that have been etched into your unconscious. Once that has been accomplished, you will be able to feel confident no matter what the external conditions are.

After your sessions, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experience improvement in relationships

  • Improved success at work

  • Fewer challenges achieving difficult goals

  • Get over a disappointing or turbulent past

  • Make you aware of your self-worth 

  • Overall improved quality of life


A study published in Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research analyzed the effect of self-hypnosis on confidence levels of students in terms of public speaking. The study, conducted by Yudi Suharsono and Jainal Ilmi, showed that students at the Psychology Faculty significantly showed an increase in self-confidence after self-hypnosis sessions. 

So whether the issues causing you to feel not confident about yourself are big or small, you can seek help with Jake Rubin at Westside Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. 

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