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Hypnotherapy for Actors & Models

In the world of actors, models and performers, you have to place yourself in the limelight and appear confident and relaxed. Yet at the same time, you also have to face the fear of rejection, the possibility of a performance gone wrong, keeping up appearances or just the immense pressure of their work.

Now in this world of showbiz, stage fright, audition anxiety, vocal problems and even weight management and eating issues are common among performers. Depending on your trade, you may have experienced all or just some of these issues, preventing you from giving your best performance.

These can become serious hindrances in advancing your career, especially if you feel that any of them are holding you back. You may also feel that these concerns are affecting other aspects of your life which in turn come back to stop you from reaching your full potential as a performer.

As an example, think about an audition you need to go to. It is an opportunity you have worked hard to secure but when the moment of truth arrives, you become too anxious to show your best. If you’re a singer, you may not be able to hit the right notes. Being an actor may mean you fail to get into character or forget your lines. A nervous model may completely bungle their otherwise immaculately practiced catwalk.

It won’t matter how many times you may have practiced something successfully if you cave in to any of these negative sensations. A failed audition can quickly creep up on you making you wary of future auditions, questioning your skillset, and even turning down upcoming opportunities. It may also make you accept jobs that are lower than what your ability deserves. When you accept these lesser roles, you know that it won’t help your career but will only undermine your self-belief.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help?  

If you feel that increased self-belief could make a difference to the kind of jobs or roles that you are getting, then you could look to hypnotherapy for help.


Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to create the passion and confidence needed to overcome obstacles like:

  • Loss of confidence

  • Stage fright

  • Lack of motivation

  • Perfectionism

  • Presentation skills

Hypnotherapy can be very effective for resolving issues that involve fear. It is a tool that helps you regain control over your feelings and thoughts so you can feel in control and calm again.

The hypnotherapist works to help you regulate and resolve any negative mental, emotional or physical effects of stage fright, replacing them with a state of relaxation and calm confidence.

Using hypnotherapy to resolve performance based issues can help you in the following ways:

  • Reduce the physical impact of anxiety

  • Boost self confidence

  • Strengthen discipline

  • Let go of negative past events and thinking patterns

Perhaps the biggest advantage that hypnotherapy can offer performers is that it teaches how to visualize with strong intention. Proper visualization can help eliminate self-doubt.

  • When in a hypnotic state, you learn to focus attention with a reduced ability to judge situations objectively. By being intensely immersed in a process that involves reduced thought and evaluation, you become more responsive to suggestion instead.

  • The hypnotherapist uses this opportunity to change your emotional perception or behavior towards the issues causing the conflict in the first place.  Since stage fright occurs when your imagination is a little out of control and random thoughts refuse to leave your mind, your hypnotherapist tries to resolve this fear.

  • Putting you in a hypnotic state, you are encouraged to see yourself performing well while focusing on relaxing your body deeply. This practice helps “recondition” the brain to also feel relaxed during an actual performance.

  • On your part, you need to be committed to a desire to overcome this element of discomfort.

If you are looking to pick up your confidence and become an enviable performer in front of an audience, we can help. Our expertise in this area is tailored to individual needs and can help you overcome your performance worries. Call or click below today to book an appointment or to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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