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Hypnotherapy For Motivation

Everyone has days when there is a sudden urge to strive and commit to something. Perhaps commence a project you never got to, or even start anew with a grand plan. So how come that aspiration never gets accomplished? It could be that it’s the fear of failure, or being overly critical, or even lacking confidence. Maybe you feel that you don’t have the drive or ambition to get things done.


Everyone has a limit to how motivated they can be, but when it comes to de-motivating yourself, it becomes harder to see the fine line of when you‘ve gone too far. De-motivation can rid you of so many things in life beyond your own aspirations.


Why You Need Motivation

A lack of motivation is primarily caused by flawed subconscious thinking. You may avoid doing a task because you feel overwhelmed or you can only think about how unpleasant it may be. In other words, you may just have trained your subconscious to be negative about certain situations. When this happens, the inner voice in your head becomes a detractor telling you that you shouldn’t even try.


A lack of motivation doesn’t simply refer to an inability to get started on cleaning your room or doing the laundry on time. It is much bigger than that. In fact, if left untreated, it can start to affect your work, personal relations, and over time lead to depression and anxiety. And without that necessary level of motivation, you never ever accomplish anything out of your comfort zone.


Things like feeling overwhelmed, negative self-talk, a lack of interest and focusing on the unpleasantness just make it all the more easier to not get started when you need to. Never getting anything done can prevent you from ever achieving extraordinary with your life, such as indulging in that conversation with your friend who could find you that enticing job.


That is why, at any point in your life, you should be sure about your own motivation. You should be able to push through your doubts and look forward to the opportunity presented to you. But in order to get there, you first have to understand what’s keeping you down.  


What De-Motivates You?

One of the main factors that tend to de-motivate a person is the fear behind change. With every new step that you take, there is change happening all around you and for some people, this can be scary to encounter. There are different types of fear that are encountered when you try to motivate yourself.  

Fear of Negative Results

Change will certainly bring along change, but no one can guarantee that it will be a good change. Some people are stunted because they cannot foresee if the future is positive or negative.


Will people judge you? Will you embarrass yourself and receive criticism? It’s thoughts like these that keep you down from investigating new circumstances and discovering possible potential.

Fear of Better Results

Sometimes, the rooted fear isn’t that you will never make it to the top, it is what happens once you do. The fear sometimes comes from the uncertainty of your own potential and whether or not you belong where you have placed yourself. Can you withstand the pressure of other people and new responsibilities? Will you maintain your newfound higher status or will it be taken from you just as you achieved it?


Questions like these that pester the subconscious mind are what hold down aspiring imaginations.


How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Provided with sufficient help, hypnotherapy can help you discover what is holding down your ambitions and dreams in your subconscious thoughts. Hypnotherapy wrings out your fears and then replaces them with the motivation that should be thriving in its spot.


It is a practice that breaks down old subconscious thinking habits that keep you from making progress. Instead, it changes the mind’s response to adversity and helps the more stubborn side of your mind to open up to suggestions, ones that you would not usually welcome without the gentle hand of hypnotherapy.


For more information and a 20-minute free consultation, get in touch with Jake Rubin at Westside Hypnotherapy for anyone seeking professional help in the matter. Everyone needs a different push to help them climb, and hypnotherapy may be the one that will help you conquer your lack of motivation.

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