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Upset Couple - Hypnotherapy for Breakups and Divorce in Los Angeles

Hypnotherapy for Breakups and Divorce

Heartbreak is something that affects everyone at some point in time during their lives. It can be anything from a school crush, or a breakup from a short or long term relationship to a definitive divorce. In either case, dwelling on failed relationships can take its toll. 

In the case of a breakup or divorce, feelings may vary greatly depending on the reason responsible for ending the relationship. These may include a sense of betrayal, rejection, bitterness, extreme disappointment, anger, guilt, or anxiety.  

While all these may seem overwhelming to deal with, they are at the same time, perfectly natural. After all, you have invested time and effort into the relationship building on hopes and dreams of a shared future. And seeing something like that end will bring forth emotions and feelings that have become part of who you are. When that person stops being in your life for whatever reason, life can feel empty leaving an open emotional wound.

In the case of divorce there are additional factors to consider other than the emotional burden. Divorce brings with it baggage like financial and legal issues that can totally drain you out on all physical, mental and emotional levels. Plus, if there are children involved there will likely be the added guilt of how the divorce will affect them.

Even when there are logical reasons to get out of an unhealthy relationship, the fear of starting anew can make you feel overwhelmingly exhausted and even devastated.

Some of the most common symptoms that you may experience because of unresolved pain or grief after a failed relationship can include feeling emotionally numb or detached. You may also find yourself in the habit of replaying past conversations or memories in your mind or experience anger which refuses to dissipate or perhaps transfers to other people in your life.

In addition, you may experience problems with forgiveness, be afraid of getting hurt again or start exhibiting signs of victim mentality. All this is the result of grief that hasn’t healed. If this condition remains unchecked, then grieving over the past can easily spiral into depression. 

How can hypnotherapy help?

Instead of brooding over the past, hypnosis can help you look at divorce or a breakup as a new start where you get to make your own choices. It can be helpful in neutralizing negative emotions, regaining control over your life and gain closure to move on. 

Hypnotherapy deals with the turmoil of the experience while helping you put the past into perspective. Hypnotherapy for divorce can be beneficial in a number of ways. 

  • Helps you get out of a rut after a long term relationship, most people get stuck on old habits and find it difficult to move on. Hypnotherapy can help you get out of your old habits and make it easier to move on. 

  • Helps you relax- breakups and divorces come with a lot of stress so learning how to relax with hypnotherapy can be very useful. Stress relieving practices will have physical, emotional and mental benefits such as lower blood pressure, increase energy and improve your mood. 

  • Helps deal with past trauma- hypnotherapy is also beneficial for dealing with trauma such as an abusive relationship. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a sense of peace both with yourself and with your surroundings. It is a stepping stone to start the healing process from the emotional trauma caused by the failed relationship.

The thing to keep in mind is that hypnotherapy is not something that will erase your memory or make you forget everything instantly. That would be akin to brainwashing. Just know that your memories will always stay with you but hypnotherapy will help you to disconnect from those strong emotions and deal with those memories so they are not nearly as painful. 

If you are ready to let go of the past, and take control of your present and future, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation or an appointment here online. 

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