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hypnosis for procrastination

Hypnotherapy for Procrastination

What is procrastination? 

We procrastinate when we have an important or pressing action to take and yet we find ourselves holding back from taking the necessary actions to make it happen.  Often we will distract ourselves when faced with what we perceive to be a difficult task.  It is very easy for the mind to look at the task and find all sorts of reasons why now is not the right time to take action.  Our logical and reasoning left brain will find all sorts of reasons why we should not take action and instead will present us with alternative ‘priorities’.

But why does this occur?

Often procrastination is fear-based.  We imagine that a task will be difficult and challenging.  Our subconscious registers a fear response to the perceived future event.  When it perceives fear, it consults with the conscious mind which then seeks to analyze and reason out that fear rather than to diminish it.  It does this because the primary job of your conscious mind is to protect you.  It senses your vulnerability and finds evidence to confirm the belief that something will be challenging and lead to vulnerability.

The subconscious mind will also seek out it’s own methods to provide us with comfort by triggering our desire receptors buried deep within our brain.  In this way, the subconscious seeks out distraction in the form of activities which will give us short term pleasure.  Eating, watching TV, social media, internet browsing, ironing, cleaning, planning, for example.  It literally takes our attention away from the thing that we are fearing.

Which sounds like a rather pleasant thing except that the subconscious mind will then come back to the dream or vision which prompted the original motivation to take the desired action.  This can then trigger a conscious response of self criticism and anger that we are no further on than before and so the cycle begins again.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnosis uses a deeply relaxed physical state coupled with the skilfull use of suggestions and metaphors to create lasting change in the beliefs and patterns that our subconscious mind uses to motivate our actions and thoughts.  By using hypnosis, we can begin to access the truth of what it is that we actually fear.  We confront the fear and gently dismantle it by deconstructing the reality behind the fear.  It becomes more comfortable for you to actually start your task rather than put it off.  You actually start to look forward to accomplishing your tasks and you begin to take hold of your life and your goals.

If you are ready to stop procrastinating and take back control of your life, click the button below right now to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. Don't put it off for another time and continue the theme of procrastination again. You're here to finally make a change in your life. Click below and take this easy first step.

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