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How Much are Hypnotherapy Sessions?

The Cost and Structure Of Our Hypnotherapy Sessions 

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The cost and structure of virtual hypnotherapy sessions with Jake Rubin, M.A. is as follows:


We offer a Complimentary 20 Minute Phone Consultation with Jake Rubin, M.A. to answer all of your questions and get more information about how hypnotherapy can get you the results you are looking for.


All prices below include a high quality MP3 recording of your session which will be emailed to you so you can reinforce the hypnotherapy between sessions.


The cost of each session is $285. The first session is the longest one at 1.5 hours and consists of 4 main components: 


  • In-depth consultation to understand what specific challenges you are currently dealing with, what you feel the blocks are (if known),  and what your desired outcome is from our hypnotherapy sessions together.  

  • A detailed description of how hypnotherapy works in the human mind for your specific issue, and what you should expect to feel and experience while in hypnosis.

  • Suggestibility Testing - In order to best create the most significant and powerful changes in your mental programming, it is of the utmost importance to understand how you personally take in suggestions and information. This testing allows us to know exactly what type of custom hypnotic suggestions can make the most impactful positive changes in your subconscious mind. 

  • The last part of the first session is the hypnotherapy itself with Real-Time EEG Brain Monitoring™ to ensure hypnotic depth. It is in this first session that your subconscious programming will begin to change. 


Ongoing sessions are 50 minutes long and are $285.  Ongoing sessions consist of 2 components:


  • In-depth consultation to ascertain how you have been progressing since our last session, including a conversation about areas we can continue to fine-tune and reinforce.

  • The second component is the hypnotherapy itself. Ongoing hypnotherapy sessions focus on reinforcing and deepening so that we can make lasting lifetime change happen. 





How Effective is Hypnotherapy?

Results of Comparative Study by American Health Magazine 

Effective Rate of Hypnotherapy compared to other therapies

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Why Choose Westside Hypnotherapy Los angeles?



  • Jake Rubin, M.A. at Westside Hypnotherapy is the most trusted and respected hypnotherapist in Los Angeles. In fact, he is the primary hypnotherapy referral choice of many top physicians and mental health professionals who are affiliated with medical clinics in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and throughout West L.A. including Providence St. Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, and UCLA Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

  • Jake Rubin, M.A. is a former university professor of psychology and holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Psychology from UCLA and the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant University, respectively. 


  • In addition to the advanced education in psychology, he graduated with highest honors as a Certified Hypnotherapist at the top of his class from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Los Angeles. 

  • He was awarded HMI's highest honor, the Clinical Achievement Award for Exceptional Performance during Clinical Internship and Outstanding Academic Achievement. HMI is the oldest and first nationally accredited college of hypnotherapy in the United States, founded in 1968. Jake has also been a lifelong scholar in psychology, studying and researching the mind, human motivation, and how we can change patterns of behavior.


  • Unlike psychologists and medical doctors, a hypnotherapist is the only professional specifically trained to work in the area of hypnosis. In fact, in addition to his graduate and post graduate degrees in psychology, an HMI Los Angeles graduate like Jake Rubin, M.A. has more hours and in depth training in hypnotherapy than any other health care professional.


  • Jake Rubin, M.A. has trademarked the use of Real-Time EEG Hypno-Brain Monitoring during his hypnosis sessions which allows him to monitor a clients hypnotic state and depth on a second by second basis to confirm the client is in hypnosis and how they are reacting. The EEG is capable of reading and detecting minute changes and shifts in electrical activity in the brain on a millisecond-level.

  • By utilizing this cutting edge technology, it allows him to monitor his clients’ hypnotic depth in real time, thus allowing adjustments to the depth of the clients' hypnosis. In addition, it gives him the ability to monitor the brain as it is reacting to the positive hypnosis suggestions on a second-by-second basis. Jake Rubin, M.A. has the education and knowledge to interpret the EEG and the specific movement of the delta, theta, beta, and gamma brain waves. 


  • Westside Hypnotherapy offers a confidential Complimentary 20 minute Phone Consultation so you can speak directly with Jake Rubin, M.A., get all of your questions answered and decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.