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Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling uncomfortable around other people, have you ever wondered why that may be so? Could it be because you’re shy or maybe an introvert? Or perhaps you’re afraid that others might disagree with you? Could it even be that the thought of offending others may be holding you back?


If this is a continuing pattern, then any of these situations can seriously inhibit you and may cause you to become socially awkward. Now fears can manifest themselves in different ways and if your fears stem out of facing social situations, then experts call this social anxiety.   


Detecting Social Anxiety

Social anxiety refers to the fear or phobia of interacting with people with the idea that you will be judged, criticized or even worse, when in public. When outside in a crowded area, you may feel a sense of not belonging.


So when it comes to social anxiety, there are different levels to which you could be on, and they can all be conquered separately. For instance, you may only become unnerved when you feel wary or doubtful of a new situation. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, the mere thought of meeting people paralyzes your thoughts.


This is where social anxiety can interfere with daily routine. The stronger the phobia invoked in your mind, the more suffocating your social life will seem until the last resolution becomes to not have one entirely.


Plus, social anxiety, when unmanaged, is something that will interfere in almost every aspect of your life. For instance, you may not be entirely unfamiliar with the sensation of feeling immense pressure when having to address a group of people or participating in a situation demanding an exchange of information. Just think about how being present in a meeting or in an interview makes you feel.


But apart from such somewhat formal situations, you may also find that everyday situation make you uneasy as well. If eating in front of others in a restaurant or in a public lunch area unsettles you, or entering a room where others are already seated unnerves you, you’ll likely find it impossible to function in these everyday scenarios.


Another area of your life that can become severely affected by social anxiety is when you have to interact with people on a somewhat personal level. Say you are required to attend a social event like a party, wedding or perhaps a date. All these scenarios demand that you meet and greet others, have a polite conversation, and perhaps even express some kind of opinion when engaged in conversation.


Now, most people can do so without giving it a second thought, but you may feel differently. As a solution to these problems, it can be rather tempting to avoid the trigger of your anxiety completely, but that won’t solve any of your long-term issues.  


In cases such as these, a great way to find help is through hypnotherapy.


How can Hypnotherapy Help?

Think of your mind as a computer system. Your mind is efficiently running on the basic programming so that you can function properly. As you use your mind more and more, it starts to learn things about itself and resolves to go through days the easier and more comfortable way. Once it gets used to doing something one way, trying to change it becomes harder. So then you have to reprogram the mind so that it can adapt to something new.


Makes enough sense doesn’t it?  


Yet this figure of speech can only go so far, and in the end, our minds are not computers which can be so easily reconstructed. Instead, we go through serious mind-bending transformations and anxiety as our phobias and habits buildup on each other to create who we are. Hypnotherapy is the reprogramming that your mind might need to get back on track. Simply enough, it can retrace back to where the paranoia of social interaction comes from and help you overcome it.


Your hypnotherapist works with the aim of opening your subconscious to new ideas and suggestions. Hypnosis places you in a trance-like state where your conscious rests and your subconscious listens, a change from the way it regularly works. When you open the subconscious, you can manipulate and eventually convince it to give up the habit of fearing human interaction.


Of course, this is not a one time job, and it takes a few runs until you can finally convince yourself to let go of your fears. That is why it is better to always contact a professional for help such as hypnotherapy.


For expert help on the matter, Jake Rubin at Westside Hypnotherapy is available to help you conquer your fears, and regain your confidence. Call today to book an appointment or a 20-minute free consultation. Hypnotherapy is a clarified, scientifically supported solution for conquering social anxiety.

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