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Sugar Addiction Hypnotherapy - Sweets Chocolate Cake

You Can Overcome Your Addiction to Sweets and Sugar with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

The fact that sugar is bad for you is common knowledge yet so many people are addicted and feel a sense of powerlessness around sweets. The best that many people can do is to perhaps give it up for a few days or weeks, at best, and then it sneaks right back into their eating habits.

And if you have struggled with kicking your sugar habit, you know how hard it can be. You may have found yourself feeling full after a meal and still go for dessert. Or reach for the cookie jar at the office, just because it’s there.

Such sugar carvings are notoriously hard to resist and it can feel impossible to escape. Despite your best attempts, you find yourself caving in to sugar.

So what exactly is this hold that sugar has over you and so many others? Well, research states that sugar holds the potential to actually reprogram your brain and create its own cravings. When taken in excess, sugar can trigger the production of certain chemicals in the body that bring about feelings of relaxation, comfort and pleasure. Over time, this makes the brain learn that the body needs sugar to function.

To put it simply, sugar addiction is very real. In this state, you feel energized, charged and good about yourself. This feeling also makes it hard for your willpower alone to cure your sugar addiction and that is why a lot of people turn to other techniques such as hypnotherapy to cure their sugar addiction.

How Does Sugar Take Over the Body?

Over time, sugar addiction becomes an emotional response to a number of conditions. For instance, sugar grants instant gratification, yielding a sense of reward, happiness and even a habit. It becomes a means to satisfy an assortment of emotions.

Sugar alters the biochemical processes taking place in the body and causes a feeling of relaxation. You become used to this feeling after a while and that is what results in cravings every now and then. Upon eating sugary foods, your body produces a hormone called serotonin. This hormone is involved in controlling mood swings and making pain go away.

When you take in sugars excessively, your brain learns to associate the feeling of contentment and calmness with ingestion of sugar. This is why diets don’t work and trying to quit sugar with willpower seems impossible since you become emotionally trained to seek and eat sugar.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious mind. This part of your mind works in the background and is much more powerful than your conscious mind which operates by logic.

So while your conscious mind may tell you that sugar is bad for you and you should give it up, the unconscious mind hooks in habits and makes it very hard to break the habit. Typically, the conflict between the two would let the unconscious triumph over the conscious. That is why it becomes important to talk to the unconscious mind and reframe its positive assertions associated with sugar.

Hypnotherapy can be of help by empowering you to take control of yourself and not let your unconscious take control of your cravings. It can help you see what causes sugar cravings and if there are any particular situations in which you are more prone to go on a sugar rush.

It allows you to devise a sensible strategy for solving this problem and replacing it with a solution.  It helps you lower the appeal of sugary foods and learn how to control yourself from taking in too much sugar.

After hypnotherapy, your taste buds develop the taste of non-sugary things and they start to like the sensation of non-sugary foods.

An extensive study was conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios, who looked through a 1000 cases of hypnotherapy for treatment of various types of addiction. He found that hypnotherapy showed 93% successful results only after six sessions of therapy as compared to other methods.

How to Use Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction?

Your hypnotherapist will help you figure out the cause of your sugar addiction. It is possible that you feel a sugar addiction in times of stress or due to lack of sleep. In such scenarios, you have to train your mind to be content with something else to keep sugar cravings at bay.

To find support for treating your sugar addiction with hypnosis, get in touch with Jake Rubin at Westside Hypnotherapy. Click below to schedule a free phone consultation to find out more about hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you. 

Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction

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