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Tips, Resources & Supplements To Help You Stay Healthy and Reduce Stress & Anxiety

All of us are doing our best to adjust and deal with this new temporary reality due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  


Most of us are stuck at home, many with kids due to school and work closures, and unsure how long this challenging time will last. It's normal for stress and anxiety to begin to build up during times like these.


However, it's essential to do all you can to minimize feelings of stress and anxiety, not only for your personal wellbeing but also to keep your immune system as healthy as possible in the midst of Coronavirus. The reason for this is that it's well known and scientifically supported that stress and anxiety weaken the immune system.


In the video above, I share 5 of my best tips, tools, and techniques to help you drastically minimize stress and anxiety and keep your immune system as healthy as possible.

Hypnotherapy Audio Sessions

created by Jake Y. Rubin, MA, CHT 

Recommended Supplements​

To Support Your Immune System

& Promote Mental and Emotional Wellness

The three supplements below are the ones that my family and I are personally using and what I recommend during this Coronavirus pandemic.


As I mentioned in the video, I was introduced to Biogena by a client of mine and have found their products to far exceed the quality of the supplements commonly found on Amazon and in stores. From their in-house research and development team to the raw materials they use, everything is top-notch. The majority of Biogena products are manufactured in their Austrian facility, the rest in Germany and Switzerland. Whenever possible, they use raw materials that are organically grown and produced. Their quality-tested raw materials come only from the most reputable international suppliers. Please note, if you use my links or the coupon code to save 20%, I receive a small affiliate commission with no additional cost to you, and you benefit by saving 20%. So it makes no sense for me not to share that code with you. That being said, I would not recommend any products that I did not use myself and believe in 110%.

Everyone I have recommended these to, and I as well, have felt a significant reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety after beginning to take both the Antistress Formula and the Ashwagandha Relax Formula. Along with using the other tips in my video and the hypnotherapy recordings, they are a potent combination. 

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Biogena Website:

- Or click the items above go directly to them -

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Mommy Mindpower was originally created in 2018 to help my own wife with her motherhood stress and anxiety and was so successful in doing so, we decided to launch it internationally.


Since then, thousands of mamas around the world have positively transformed their motherhood experience with it.


Especially during this trying time, with kids with home from school, Mommy Mindpower can be a huge help to you and your children's mental and emotional wellbeing.


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