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Hypnotherapy for Releasing Guilt, Fear & Shame

Have you ever felt that you have this internal burden constantly tiring you out or holding you back in life? Guilt and shame are two different feelings that can slow you down in life and create a negative aura around you.

Guilt is a feeling that overcomes you when you do something wrong. The constant reminder of what you might have or might not have done wrong leaves you feeling flawed. Shame, on the other hand, is a constant feeling that something is wrong with you.

Shame is a feeling stronger than you might think. It is the belief that you are flawed or bad. Sometimes, society or people around you make you feel that you are not “good enough”. When you start feeling ashamed of yourself, the path to self-destruction begins.

Maybe you were not appreciated enough in life or you were always compared with others to make you see how they were better than you. Guilt, shame and fear are interconnected in the way that one either leads to the other or results from it.

For instance, if you were a victim of verbal and emotional abuse in your childhood, you will likely grow up to be a person feeling ashamed to be your true self. If your parents made you feel bad, less smart or just not “good enough”, it leads to feelings of shame.

You feel ashamed of yourself for not being the better person. No matter how small something is, you start to feel undeserving. Also, this creates a fear in your mind that since you are not good enough, someone else will easily replace you, whether it’s in a relationship, a job or a friendship. As a child or even an adult, you feel guilty for not living up to everyone’s expectation or being the person that society wants you to be.

How Does It Affect You?

These wretched feelings can affect you in many ways. Say, if you were a victim of childhood abuse, you likely still punish yourself for it. There is a guilty conscience that does not let you believe that you are a good person.

You probably blame yourself for your parents splitting up or your home being wrecked. Also, if something bad happens further in your life, it worsens the feeling of shame. You tend to develop the idea that, “Bad things keep happening to me… I must be a bad person… That is why”.

Now you might be wondering how this is in any way connected with fear. The truth is that both guilt and shame lead to a fear of rejection and abandonment. Just take a moment and think about your friends. If you are prone to feelings of guilt or shame, then you may also be constantly fearful that someone will leave you because you failed to be a good friend.

Likewise, even your personal relationships get affected. There may be a constant fear present that your spouse or partner will leave you.  And just because you were rejected in childhood by your parents or one of the parents abandoned you, the fear of rejection and abandonment get instilled in your mind.

However, the toil isn’t purely mental but the same also affects you physically. A research study done at Bucknell University showed that women who were body-shamed had lower health levels. Jean Lamont, the study author, further revealed that this feeling of shame also made these women more prone to infections.

How Does Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis can help release these feelings of guilt, shame and fear. It lets you or your practitioner remake the memories or thoughts that you have about yourself or an incident.

A study published in 2006 on the Online Wiley Library shows the case of a 23 year old woman and her struggle with shame after abortion. The study, which was conducted by David Oakley and Valerie Walters shows that hypnosis can help with the treatment of shame and trauma that is associated with abortion.

During hypnosis, you will be able to relive the situation that caused the fear or guilt but in a more controlled setting. You will be accompanied by your hypnotherapist who will help you find the good in that situation. The reason of your uneasiness with that incident can be erased by rewriting the incident in a more positive light through hypnotherapy.

Moving Towards a Better Life

Once you have erased these feelings, you will be able to move towards a more positive and fulfilling life.

  • The feelings of self-love will overcome those of worthlessness and shame.

  • You will be free from your guilty conscience.

  • Your subconscious mind will help develop a sense of self-worth and security.

Always remember: It is not a bad thing to ask for help. Once you are free of these feelings, you will feel much lighter with the burden gone.

If you are looking for help to overcome your feelings of guilt or shame, you can get in touch with Jake Rubin, certified hypnotherapist at Westside Hypnotherapy, Los Angeles. The center offers hypnosis help in many areas including overcoming fear associated with guilt or shame. You can call today to book an appointment and start regaining you lost confidence in life.

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