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stop smoking hypnosis los angeles

Quit Smoking 

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

It's likely you have tried to stop smoking before. You have used the “nicotine patches”, the “nicotine gum,” the “inhalers” or the pills. You may have gone into counseling, used group programs or maybe you attempted to tough it out and go “cold turkey.”

One part of you knows you should stop smoking for your health and survival, yet another part of you simply won’t let you! The part of you that doesn’t let you stop smoking is called your subconscious mind. You can’t change your subconscious by force or will power. You need help and someone who can work with you to reprogram the subconscious mind to make you an ex-smoker.

Our Smoking Cessation programs work by addressing three parts of smoking: the psychological habit, the physical addiction and the emotional self-image. The programs are safe, effective, and have a 90% success rate. Smokers are throwing away their cigarettes for good and becoming non-smokers.

The American Medical Association now recognizes that using hypnosis in counseling sessions is one of the most powerful tools to break the nicotine habit. The reason it’s easier to quit smoking with hypnosis is that we transfer the pleasure derived from smoking to a healthier new habit. This is why many people find they do not gain any unwanted weight or have other problems associated with kicking the habit. The only side effects are increased health and freedom!

No matter how much you smoke or how long you’ve been smoking…if you are serious about quitting, you CAN stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain with programs.  You will learn how to control your thoughts and associations of smoking and learn to desensitize the need to ever have another cigarette again!

As a certified specialitst in Smoking Cessation, Jake Rubin uses the most up-to-date and scientifically supported hypnotherapy techniques to bring you the highest success rate to become a non-smoker immediately after your first session. 

If you are serious and ready to be an ex-smoker click below to take the first step.

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